Mamá Cane is the example of how things can succeed if they are done with love.

Mamá Cane is the story of a grandson and a dream.

Mamá Cane are papas bonitas with P.D.O. (protected designation of origin) arrugadas (wrinkled) with love in Tenerife with sea salt, vacuum packed, accompanied by mojo rojo, mojo verde (red and green sauce) and “ready-to-eat”.

Mamá Cane is a healthy, tasty, natural, sustainable and high-quality product. It does not contain a single additive and is made with local ingredients purchased directly from the producer or through short distribution channels, thus strongly betting on the reappraisal of Tenerife’s culture and rural identity.

Mamá Cane has the advantage that you can prepare delicious dishes, appetizers and garnishes by using one single product, while saving time and getting a 100% healthy dish.

Welcome to Mamá Cane. We thank you for letting us going back to the story.