Our social and environmental commitment can be described on the basis of certain premises and specific measures:

INNOVATION: we process and market our products with a minimum ecological footprint, focusing on local products and providing maximum convenience and satisfaction to our final consumers.

SUSTAINABILITY: Resources and waste are managed responsibly in order to minimise environmental costs throughout the whole business process (from the procurement of raw materials to the placement of the finished products at the point of sale).

ENHANCEMENT OF TENERIFE’S RURAL CULTURE AND IDENTITY: by promoting native varieties of a local agricultural product and its sensory qualities, as well as revitalizing traditional agronomic techniques.

PROFITABILITY AND EFFECTIVENESS: we are undertaking an economically viable project without undermining its ethical/social and environmental sustainability.

LANDSCAPE CONSERVATION: the use of traditional farming techniques minimizes the discharge of pollutants and the use of agricultural inputs, which in turn contributes to the protection of the landscape and the environment.

MAMÁ CANE’S CONTRIBUTION TO LOCAL DEVELOPMENT: Our project is focused on the processing and marketing, in biodegradable packaging, of Tenerife’s “papa bonita” potato variety, which is included in the “Papas Antiguas de Canarias” Designation of Origin. The use of traditional local potato varieties contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and prevents the abandonment of traditional production techniques, while enhancing the ethnographic aspects of farming.

Mamá Cane also plays a part in the creation of direct jobs in the primary sector and of indirect jobs as a result of the diversification of business, thus contributing to the settlement of population in the island’s mid-altitude areas.

SPECIFIC MEASURES: We cooperate and/or associate with local farmers, reaching agreements with farmers or farmers’ associations to set a “fair price” that allows ensuring the continuity of the farming businesses and, at the same time, the profitability of the project.

We are currently very happy to have implemented a system for collaboration with local producers in the Northern and Southern areas of the island: “Asociación de Cosecheros de papa bonita y cultivos tradicionales Icod El Alto” [Association of Papa Bonita and Traditional Crop Farmers Icod El Alto] and SAT (Agricultural Processing Company) Papa Bonita, who are the only farmers in the Canary Islands with this recognition.